Without the World Cup . How to survive this May?

Fans will have to wait for the main matches of the season for another year. Why did the IIHF delay the cancellation? Something happened that we all didn’t want, but expected. Today, the IIHF made an official

NHL season will stop?

The National Hockey League may suspend the regular season of the 2019/2020 season due to the spread of the coronavirus, and this is no joke. Following the NBA The disease has reached the North American continent, where,

The question of holding the 2023 World Cup in St. Petersburg will be decided in CAS

WADA took away the right to host international competitions from Russia , but IIHF head Rene Fasel did not want to postpone the tournament. The issue of holding the 2023 ice hockey world Cup in Saint Petersburg

IIHF has no plans to reduce the number of participants in the 2020 World Cup and hold it without spectators.

Kalervo Kummola, Vice President Of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), said that the 2020 Hockey World Cup could be canceled due to a coronavirus. The tournament should be held in Switzerland. Now in Switzerland, the national

The American journalist request Russian hockey team should not be allowed to play

The American journalist request Russian hockey team should not be allowed to play ESPN commentator Scott Burnside called for the elimination of the Russian national hockey team, who soon left the awards ceremony at the 2015 World

Ice hockey- a type of sport for the skillful

If football was dubbed the “King” sport of the Summer Olympics, then Ice Hockey would occupy a similar position during the Winter Olympics. Long-standing origin There are many theories about the birth of hockey, but so far

Legend CHELSEA PETR is announced to play as netminder

Last Wednesday, former netminder and current technical adviser Petr Cech announced he would compete in an official hockey tournament. The 37-year-old will compete as a netminder for the Guildford team with the headquater near Cech’s residence. When

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is popular and exciting sport. However, many people, including seasoned fans of the game, do not know everything about the game. As a result, some people might have burning questions, while others ask questions concerning

Basic Ice Hockey Rules

Ice hockey is one of the fastest games in the world. It incorporates agility, speed, and skill, and has upheld its reputation as one of the most exciting games. Following and enjoying the game is quite easy

Guide to Becoming an Ice Hockey Player

People play ice hockey for different reasons. It can be a recreational activity, a form of exercise, or even as a career to some people. Irrespective of the reason for playing, getting the most from the sport