As you may know, Covid 19 is now treated as the most dangerous disease all over the world. The total number of people who have been affected by this coronavirus is up to approximately 3,7 million cases. Due to this rapid spread of the pandemic, all activities as well as sport events are indefinitely delayed to protect our health and hinder people from gathering together. IIHF world championship is an typical example which is also be putted off because of virus. This is an international ice hockey tournament where players can show up their talent and try their best to be awarded the championship. The official information about this event has been announced on March, 21th 2020 by IIHF Council

After discussing thoroughly with many stakeholders as well as considering about the serious current condition, the organizers took a decision that 2020 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Zurich and Lausanne can not happen. “ This is such a bad reality that all players of ice hockey team have to face up to. But we all must accept and treat it as a accident.” shared by IIHF President. “ Covid 19 is the global pandemic that governments has been making great efforts to fight against this dangerous disease. All we should do now is putting the sport event aside and follow up the decision of government. This is the best way to protect our nation as well as the others around the world.” They also informed that both the women’s world hockey championships and the men’s Under-18 championship will be cancelled too.

Before revealing their official decision, IIHF council had to consult with the host nation as well as media partners and insurance carrier about how to change the former plan properly. This will certainly impact on the participating teams and the IIHF members national associations. Moreover, it seem to be difficult to remove the 2020 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship to another country. They are trying their best to alter the plan and think over about which nation will be the host next year, because the original contract show that the host country for the upcoming IIHF world championship are changed until 2025.