Again limping implementation

After eight consecutive defeats, the Redskins started another home series. The first opponent of the Siberians was the strong Almetiev “Neftyanik” who before this match was in second place in the standings. Sergey Shestakov replaced Maxim Kapiturov in the first line of the “winged” line. And in the fourth round, the Krasnoyarsk Lynx forward Yuri Kozhukhov made his debut.

The first throw on the goal of the hosts led to a goal. Mark Yanchevsky fired from the blue line, and Falcon goalkeeper Evgeny Kiselyov could not save his team. The Krasnoyarsk people responded with several dangerous attacks. But after the throws Of Grigory Mishchenko and Egor Lebedev, the visitors’ goalkeeper Adel Minegaliyev played reliably.

In the first period, the Siberians played four times in the majority. What else does it take to send the puck into the opponent’s goal? That’s right, just quit. But the owners failed to do it.

The visitors did not attack often but managed to score again. Evgeny Kiselyov, the Krasnoyarsk goalkeeper, could not repel Timur Fatkullin’s difficult throw. It should be noted that in the first period the Krasnoyarsk team made 15 shots on the opponent’s goal, and the oil players only six. However, at the break, the teams went 2-0 in favor of the guests.

At the start of the second period, the Falcons also missed the third puck. Krasnoyarsk defenders, for some reason, allowed Denis Lapustin to make a free throw from the spot, and he did not miss. Then the coaching staff of the “winged” made a goalkeeper’s rocking. Andrey Litvinov took to the ice instead of Evgeny Kiselyov.

The Falcon became angry and flew into the attack. The impressive power reception was made by defender Ilya Bochkov, simply impressing Andrei Shulgin. And soon there was a scuffle on the ice.

But as time went on, and the numbers on the scoreboard did not change. And yet in the middle of the period, the Siberians soaked up the score. Most of the pain was implemented by Platon Popov, who just threw from a sharp angle – 1:3.

The Oilers seemed to restore the previous breakaway in response, but the referees took a video review and made sure that the puck did not cross the goal line. At the end of the period, the Siberians had a great chance to come close to the score. After a powerful shot as always, active Alexei Knyazev’s goalkeeper of the guests hit the puck with a flap, but Platon Popov failed to hit the goal from a killer position.