If you often update some important news around the world, you may know about the incident of a black man named George Floyd. Some weeks ago, a clip about one man became viral through social media, which described the death in front of a lot of onlookers in the street. This led to a serious controversy between nations because people felt very surprised by the way the black men are treated. The two most famous ice hockey players of all time known as Lebron James and Colin Kaepernick are among many people who wanted to point out his views about this bad action. The way Minneapolis police officer used his own knee to hit George Floyd’s neck was inhuman and this incident turned American into another image. Evander Kane- one of the most excellent ice hockey members of San Josse Sharks was the first player to have the courage to speak out his point of view about that. 

In a recent interview, Kane shared his thinking about the death of the black man: “ I felt very shocked when seeing until the end of the video. All people confirmed that he had no guilty and his sudden death was unreasonable. I couldn’t believe that this discrimination still happened in 2020 when the attitude toward the black should have been nice. Although many people in the street begged the police officer to stop that action, they didn’t care and decided to kill this innocent man. 

Kane is also known as a special ice hockey player in NHL because he has black skin, which may be different from other athletes. He has been awarded many valuable prizes throughout his career which helped him to establish his own reputation as the most famous black athlete over the years. “ As you can see, the situation of black men hasn’t changed for hundreds of years. I expected that more people can say something about this incident so that we will make a remarkable change to the world, especially in American right now. When it comes to racism, we have to carry out many campaigns to help people understand more about it. We should speak out what is right or wrong so that the problem will be solved clearly.”

“ I am not sure that there are many ice hockey players who will be willing to share their thinking about racism. I think that hockey is a special sport which is very different from others. We can use our voices and speak our minds towards an incident. 

Some days ago, Kane posted a status on his Instagram that he decided to sign up for a lawsuit that will blame the police officer. “ They have to be in jail for what they have done with George Floyd. We should apply the general rule to deal with such a hard problem and all of us hope that in the future, discrimination will become extinct.