According to some latest news that relates to sporting events, Belarus has stated that it would be the next host of a famous tournament known as IIHF ( International Ice Hockey Federation). Latvia announced to all people who follow the competition that it couldn’t accompany with players as well as coaches anymore due to the serious controversy in the election last month. People felt very surprised when hearing this news and they hope to witness a remarkable change this year. 

Baskov has informed all people that Belarus and Latvia were the co-hosts of this sporting event. If Latvia withdraws due to some typical reasons and can not organize it, Belarus has enough abilities as well as finance to host the competition alone. This statement expresses the determination of Belarus which can make it easier for this nation to establish the reputation around the world. When it comes to the main thing that makes Latvia uncomfortable, it is about the connection between the two nations. Latvia warned the IIHF that it would continue hosting if it could accompany with other countries apart from Belarus. 

According to the prime minister of Latvia, he thought that Belarus was undergoing such a serious circumstance such as protests as well as violence. Since the new president Lukashenko’s re-election, Belarus becomes worse and everything looks like a war. Many citizens complain that they don’t feel satisfy with the way he leads their nation by his lengthy in power and that is the reason why Belarus can be called by another name “ The last dictatorship”. 

The announcement of Latvia sounds surprising to all people, especially IIHF because all players as well as staffs are on the way to prepare carefully for the upcoming tournament. They don’t even think that Latvia doesn’t want to host the game anymore with unconvincing reason. “ It seems strange to me and I don’t know why Latvia has serious controversy with Belarus.” – Roman Golovchenko shared his thinking about this matter.

Although there are many obstacles that may prevent the IIHF from holding a remarkable event this year, they are trying their best to create an excellent championship directorate. Each city will control one small group and al people have to take measures to protect themselves from being affected by COVID 19.