Alexander Lukashenko – the president of Belarus assures all citizens that “ We don’t need to take precaution against Covid 19 ” and at that time, he wore the Ice hockey costume to participate a match with his colleague – President’s Russia Vladimir Putin. “ There is no virus around here. As you can see, our nation has only few cases in comparison with the others. We should exercise and play sport everyday to protect us from coronavirus, especially Ice Hockey ” – Lukashenko spoke in a recent interview on Belarus TV.

In spite of the rapid spread of Covid 19 around the world, Belarus has only below 100 cases and there is no death up to now. This is the reason why Belarus’s president has subjective thinking about the danger of this disease. Therefore, he decided that he doesn’t take any measures to prevent this virus and everything will be in normal condition. While all international football tournaments have to be postponed because of coronavirus, stadiums in Belarus also active and even be lived on Internet or many famous chanel in Russia, Ukraina, Poland,…He said that concerning about Covid 19 is such an social chaos and all things that citizens of Belarus should do are hand washing and drinking more alcohol. 

The president of Russia – Vladimir Putin took part in an ice hockey match with Lukashenko in the half-time of International negotiation between two nations. According to Daily Mail’s post on February 8th, 2020 both of them have great time in Galaktika ’s sporting center. Interestingly, there is an appearance of Lukashenko’s little son Nikolai and the leader of Ice Hockey Club – HC Dinamo Minsk ( Belarus)

Both two presidents admitted that they have ever played ice hockey and competed with each other in recent years. Vladimir Putin as well as Lukashenko both enjoyed a good talk in sochi in February 7th. Besides the friendly relationship between two nations, the negotiation also refer to some nations that belong to Soviet Union.