German ice hockey fans as well as other sports lovers around the world couldn’t believe that one day, the best player of this sport is DW’s Chuck Penfold. If you are a big fan of this interesting sport, you may easily understand how famous Leon Draisaitl has just become, especially in his national team. The NFL ( National hockey league) has a different way of honoring the best players in comparison with other leagues. When participants have their own prizes,  they don’t be revealed about which medal is about. If you spend a short time learning about the history of it, you can understand easily.


In a recent ice hockey game on Monday, Draisai made a good impression with spectators as well as some professionals when he completed successfully the hat trick of three excellent players such as Art Ros Trophy, Hart Memorial Trophy and Ted Lindsay Award. Many people are curious about one question: Does Draisaitl the best ice hockey player over the past 12 months due to the prizes he has achieved for years ?

Looking back to Draisaitl’s career in 2014 when he was chosen to be the official participant in the NHL entry draft. This was treated as one of the most memorable moments in his life. However, he didn’t turn into a superstar in Edmonton until he took part in another interesting tournament which was known as the Western Hockey League. After gaining much experience, he played an important role in his team and established his own reputation. With his great effort and hard work, he deserves to be the best ice hockey superstar.


If you often follow some interesting facts about ice hockey players, you may know about some viral nicknames of each player. The Hart Memorial Trophy is treated as an important member of the team who is willing to help teammates when they come up with hardships.  Ted Lindsay Award is being well known as the most outstanding player ever.