If you are a big fan of ice hockey, you should have heard of an famous player named Aston Little. He was a former player who had been working for Milton Keynes Bolts, a popular ice hockey team in his nation. He was also treated as a potential participant for the Milton Keynes Lighting. This is an event that attracts many people to attend because it is the interesting opportunity for excellent players from many nations to prove their talent as well as pursuing the great passion for this sport. The Milton Keynes Lighting are a professional ice hockey tournament which were created in 2002 and until now, it has established the reputation as one of the most appealing show ever. 

Some day ago, people who usually care about ice hockey received a shocking new that one player of this event sadly passed away- he is Aston Little. On their official facebook fan page, Milton Keynes Lighting express their sympathy to the death of this famous player: “ We had to inform you a sad new about Aston Little – one of our best helpers and also a great contributor, that he unluckily passed away last night in his house.” This might be the most difficult time for his family, especially his parents and close friends. Hope that they will be ok.

After this status was posted on Facebook, hundreds of people very surprised to this incident and quickly took a comment to ask the admin about what is happening. Mark Midgard said: “ R.I.P Little. You was the best player that I have ever known. I am very sorry to hear that but I hope you have a good life in another beautiful planet.”

Ruth Coggins posted that: “ R.I.P Aston. You was the one that has many valuable prize throughout the career. I remembered your smile, your play as well as all your contribution to Ice hockey. God bless you, the lovely man!”. Another one shared her thinking: “ We were very terrible when hearing this awful new. He may rest in peace. In our team, there has many player who had played with him and said that he was very nice and he had a special way to play ice hockey. That’s why he always became the winner in every tournament. R.I.P Aston”.

“ I hope that his family as well as friends will overcome this incident and turn back to their original condition. In another life, he will be happy, I think so” – a real fan of Aston sent his hope for Aston through Facebook.” I never hear about him before but my son is a fan of him. He was such a brilliant player who has encouraged my little son to pursue his dream. Thank you and goodbye, a perfect man !”