Finns complained about Russian “youth” players singing on the plane

According to the general manager of the Finnish national team, Russian and Swedish hockey players during a joint charter flight to Edmonton sang folk songs and prevented Finns from resting

Hockey players of the youth teams of Russia and Sweden during the flight to the Canadian Edmonton sang songs and interfered with the rest of the players of the Finnish team. This was stated by the general manager of the Finns Kimmo Oykarinen, whose words are quoted by The Ilta-Sanomat.

The national teams of Russia, Finland and Sweden flew to Edmonton for the World Youth Championship on a charter flight from Helsinki. According to Oykarinen, representatives of the Finnish national team were in the tail section of the plane, and Russian and Swedish hockey players took the front rows. “They competed, loudly singing a variety of folk songs. But we didn’t go to that game. We didn’t want to sing. We wanted to rest,” he said.

The World Youth Championships will be held from December 25 to January 6 in Edmonton. Teams will stay in an isolated hotel, leaving it only for training and matches. In the group stage, the silver medalist of the last world championship, the Russian team will play against the teams of the USA, the Czech Republic, Austria and Sweden.

One of the robbers of the house of the father of the legendary NHL hockey player Wayne Gretzky was a family friend, reports CTV News. This is 58-year-old Ken Hall from Oakville. In addition, Ontario Police Officer June Dobson of Brockville was charged with fraud worth more than $5,000 and abuse of trust. The name of the third offender remains unknown, reports.

Earlier it was reported that Brentford police arrested two people suspected of robbing the home of Wayne’s father Gretzky Walter. They are charged with theft worth more than $500,000. Robbers stole collectibles of the legendary hockey player: clubs, leggings, sweaters, awards.

Gretzky played in the NHL from 1978 to 1999, won four Stanley Cups, and is the top scorer (2,857 points) and sniper (894 goals).

Two-time Olympic champion Aleksandr Kozhevnikov shared his thoughts on the situation with the postponement of the matches of “Jokerita” this season.

“The way Jokerit behaves does not paint the Finnish club. This is fundamentally wrong. Finns play in the KHL, and they have to stick to our general rules. And the way they did to the salivate Yulayev players, I generally consider it a mess. What right did they have to prevent the whole five players of the Ufa club from playing? You have to win honestly, not in this way.

I don’t understand why foreigners behave like that in our league. What do they allow themselves? They are paid a lot of money, but there is no return on them. Take Bill Peters in The Motorist or Bob Hartley in Vanguard. There are a lot of young, promising coaches in our country who are ready for independent work. Take the same Vyacheslav Kozlov, Boris Mironov, Dmitry Krasotkin and other guys who have already matured and could well lead the KHL clubs,” Kozhevnikov said.