Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is popular and exciting sport. However, many people, including seasoned fans of the game, do not know everything about the game. As a result, some people might have burning questions, while others ask questions concerning ice hockey just for the sake of conversation. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about ice hockey and the answers to the questions.

Why Are There Many Substitutions in a Hockey Game, and How Are They Executed?

For starters, all the players in the game usually know their levels of fatigue. That allows them to come off strategically when they need to. A team has several lines, allowing a player to swap with another in an almost art like manner. Some teams have also developed subtle ways of communication. The coaches use the system to instruct players on how and when to make the changes.

What Is the Difference Between the Linesman and the Referee?

There are usually two referees and two linesmen for every game. Armbands are used to differentiate between the two sets of officials. The referees have the responsibility of calling goals and penalties while the linesmen focus on the icing, offside, and other play stoppages. The linesmen also conduct the face-off

Which Types of Shots Are Employed in Ice Hockey?

There are five types of shots that a player can take in ice hockey. The most obvious one is called the slap shot, which produces the most power. The next two types are the wrist shot and the snap-shot. Wrist shots are usually taken for deceptiveness and accuracy while the snap-shots are meant to be quick and speedy. The fourth type of shot is the backhand. It refers to any shot taken with the opposite curve of the stick. The one-timer is the final type of shot. It happens when a player shoots the puck from a pass without stopping it.