Greatest Ice Hockey Players of All Time

Ice hockey was initially only popular in Canada and the United States. However, the popularity of the game grew to the point that it now attracts a global audience. Different from many other games, ice hockey players need to possess various skills to be able to play the game. A lot of hard work and practice are required to develop such skills and become a good player. Some individuals put in all the effort and became among the greatest players of the game. Some of such individuals are highlighted below.

Dominik Hasek

Dominik Hasek played as a goaltender and displayed exemplary performance throughout his career, enough to earn him a spot among the greatest ice hockey players in history. He won a total of six Vezina Trophies and also became the first goaltender ever to win the Hart trophies back to back. He also helped the Czech Republic to win the gold medal in Olympics competition, became the first-ever European goaltender ever to win the Stanley Cup, and set a playoffs shoutouts record.

Guy Lafleur

Nicknamed ‘The Flower,’ Guy went on to become one of the most popular players of Montreal Canada during his career. In 1971, he was the first overall NHL draft pick. He became the first player to ever score 100 points and 50 goals in six consecutive seasons in the National Hockey league. He had an NHL career that spanned 17 seasons, winning five Stanley Cup Championships.

Gordie Howe

Howe remains to be the only player in the history of NHL to record more than 800 goals, before Wayne Gretzky. He had put up some impressive numbers before exploding in the 1980s, a time when ice hockey defenders were generally allowed to maul attackers. He won six MVP awards within a decade, defining dominance in his era.