In 2004 when Tampa Bay Lightning held their first tournament known as Stanley Cup, Victor Hedman was treated as the youngest player at that time – 13 year-old participant who comes from Sweden. In the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Prague, Canada had a remarkable performance and became the winner with the convincing result of 5-3 in comparison with Sweden. European Union employed many new states such as the Czech Republic and other nine states. Since Lightning setted up an even of 2-1 in Game Seven, the reputation of Hedman was rapidly taken off and many people wanted to become his fans. 

If you often update some information about the best ice hockey players, you should know the name called Hedman. He was chosen to be on top 2 of most valuable players and had two time to achieve the silver medals in World Junior. In the history of NHL, Hedman is the best one with many individual prizes throughout his career. Despite the outbreak of Covid 19 these days, he as well as his teammates still practice everyday to prepare for an impressive comeback in the upcoming tournament.

IIHF had a quick talk with Hedman through phone from Sweden to discuss about his next plans this year.

  1. How do you feel when plan didn’t go as scheduled ?

I think that not only ice hockey players but also everyone around the world are facing up to a serious problem. The rapid outbreak of Coronavirus has made an economic crisis in all nations and all activities had to be postponed until the disease is under control. Therefore, the plan couldn’t go on as scheduled. I think we should make decision right now and prepare some plans for the upcoming tournament. 

As an ice hockey player, I really wanted to go to the stadium and participate in competition. But in this tough time, we couldn’t do anything apart from being at home and relaxing with our family. To look at bright side, this would be a memorial things in our life.

  1. What was the most meaningful memories of you through quarantine ?

In the quarantine, we has done a lot of useful things. I had more time with my families and my close friends. As you know, working as an ice hockey player makes me live far from home. Sometimes, I felt homesick but I couldn’t come back home with my wife. Therefore this might be the perfect time to do this.

  1. How do you feel when missing four matches in this season ?

I feel that my body is becoming more and more perfect. I don’t know it will last for how long but thanks to quarantine, I can practice at home with suitable timetable as well as going on balanced diet. 

  1. NFL informed a new format and how does your team prepare to be on top ?

We all hope that our team will become the champion of this competition. Last year, we earned that spot when being on top of Presidents ’s Trophy. In this tournament there are a lot of potential teams so that we have to try our best to make the different !