Hockey in Belarus is loyal not only to violence, but also to “contracts” – one reduced the term of the ban, on a new case is still silent

Belarusian hockey has had a privileged position in the domestic sport for the last 26 years. Especially for this kind of erect palaces not only in regional cities but also in the district. In recent years, ice boxes have appeared in Birch, Luninza, Gorka, Ivacevich, Pruzhan and other district centers. However, not all Belarusians like such active construction of arenas. First, people are dissatisfied with the high cost of building and servicing palaces. Secondly, the results of Belarusian hockey please much less often than they disappoint. Minsk Dynamo has been at the bottom of the KHL table for several seasons, and the national team is barraging between the strongest and second divisions of the World Cup.

But the popular discontent does not seem to end there. In recent months, a third and a fourth can be attributed to the two paragraphs mentioned.

Loyalty to violence

It is not necessary to say once again what happens on the streets of Belarusian cities every day. The total number of detained and convicted citizens is already in the tens of thousands, and many of the popular protest activists are either abroad or in prisons. Belarusian sport has not been left aside from what is happening. Everyone knows perfectly well what Alexandra Romanovskaya, Elena Levchenko, Alexandra Gerasimena and other athletes said. Their names can be found in the list of signatures under an open letter of representatives of the sports industry, where they demand fair elections and stop violence on the streets of Belarusian cities.

At the same time, almost all Belarusian hockey remains on the sidelines of the athletes’ indignation. If you look at the list of subscribers of seven hundred names, you can find only a few people from the hockey world. Such a small number looks strange, because under the repressive machine hit several players.

The player behind bars was supported by only two colleagues playing abroad – defenders of “Traktor” Oleg Yevenko and “Ak Barsa” Christian Henkel. Hockey players from Belarus decided to keep silent. Litvinov himself doesn’t say anything. Probably, on the principle of “silence – gold”, the striker now found himself in The Minsk Dynamo. Ilya has already played one game in the new KHL season – almost 11 minutes on the ice against Lokomotiv.

Alexei Merzlov. In a similar situation was a “lynx” skipper, on August 11, going to a friend’s birthday party, but found himself in the police. Like Litvinov, Merzlov could not be saved from beatings, as well as from receiving 12 days of arrest. And this time the hockey community was silent.