1. Brief overview of Ice Hockey

Hockey is a sport that played on ice by two teams. Their aim is across the rubber puck into opponent’s nets by sticks with fast speed. There are four basic types of hockey: Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Rink Hockey and Roller Hockey. Ice Hockey is treated as the most popular sport around the world which attracts many people to take up. In the past, it usually appeared in some cold areas to make sure that the safe ice layers been shaped : Canada, Czechia, Latvia, Scandinavia, Russia, Germany, Finland, Slovakia, Austria and Switzerland. With the appearance of artificial skating rink, Ice hockey is becoming an all year round sport in these nations. 

The Ancient Greeks also had a game named as “ Keritizein”, which had the same way to play like Hockey nowadays. In the late 18th century, Ice hockey became a hot trend in England and gradually had a fast growth. Until 1924, International Hockey Federation was founded, which marked an important event in this sport. 

  1. What are the basic rules of Ice Hockey ?

Like other sports, Ice Hockey also has some general rules for players to follow:

  • There are two teams in a match, each team includes 6 peoples
  • Winner will be the one who has more goals in the opponent’s net
  • There are three rounds and 20 minutes for each
  • 2 teams can replace any players whenever they want without any limitation.
  • Player can use their shoulder, body or sides to hold the opponents back 
  • The penalty is up to the level of fault
  • If player has fault , they have to leave the match for 2-5 minutes

When you are an onlookers that follow an Ice Hockey tournament, you may think that this sport doesn’t give you good impression. Participating in this game, players have to compete each other to have a small rubber puck and it looks like an chaotic contest. What’s more, players may run the risk of being injured while competing because the opponent can use any body parts to hit you. However, contrary to other thinkings, Ice Hockey Players feel great interest in this sport and out of fear when playing.

Each sport demand a special skill of particular part in the body. Football needs the enduring foot, while basketball inquires professional skills from players ‘s hands. Ice Hockey is the mixture of both these skills that you should know how to combine successfully all parts of your body. This sport is not only the one which can show up your talent but it also reflect your team spirit.