Ice Hockey Equipment And Gear

You need to invest in the right equipment and gear to participate in ice hockey. Getting the right equipment and gear is essential as it may influence your performance in the game in many ways. Failure to wear proper clothing might result in injuries, irrespective of how good a player you are. Some of the essential hockey equipment and gear is highlighted below.


Ice hockey injuries usually involve the face or the head. Such include concussions, lacerations, and jaw injuries. The chances of such injuries can be significantly reduced by wearing a helmet. There are specific helmets made for ice hockey which should be approved by the HECC or CAHA. When choosing a helmet, ensure that it fits snugly and can be adjusted to prevent it from moving as you play.

Hockey Sticks

There is no way that you can play hockey without a hockey stick. The design of hockey sticks is usually the same for all players. The size, however, can be different depending on the height of the player. Ideally, the hockey stick should reach about 3 inches below your chin when standing with your skates on. The curve of the hockey stick can be for either right-handed or left-handed players.

Hockey Skates

An ice hockey player also needs to have hockey skates to be able to play the game. The right skates are those that provide ankle support as well as allow good control. There is a lot of room allowed for players to choose the skates that are most suitable for them.


The most common accessories are the mouth guard and facemask. The mouth guard is used to protect the mouth and jaw from potential injuries, which are quite common due to the nature of the game. The facemask helps to protect the face from injury caused by tough blows to the face or flying biscuits.