Interesting Ice Hockey Facts

Ice hockey is a trendy sport especially in Canada and the United States. This sport has millions of fans from all over the world. However, a majority of ice hockey fans do not know all there is to know about the sport. Below are a few exciting facts about ice hockey that will help raise your interest in the game.

Ice Hockey Sticks Used to Be Straight

Initially, ice hockey sticks used to be straight. It is not until the 1960s that curved hockey sticks were used in official games. The introduction of the curve to the stick is credited to a Hall of Famer called Stan Mikita of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Canada Has the History of Being the Most Dominant Team

Canada had so much dominance over the game that in the World Ice Hockey Championship of 1930, the Canadian ice hockey team did not have to participate in the knockout stages of the tournament. It went straight into the finals of the championship. The tournament was played to determine the team that would be the opponent of Canada in the finals. Canada won the finals.

There Is a Player Who Had His Throat Slit Open During a Game

A player named Clint Malarchuk once had his throat slit open during a game back in 1989. The only reason that he survived after his jugular vein being slit was that his trainer was nearby. The trainer was a former army medic who used his skills to save Clint’s life.

A Puck Once Lit a Player on Fire

In 1930, a goaltender by the name Goldberry caught fire after a pack of matches that he was carrying got hit by the puck and ignited. A pack of matches was in his pocket when it ignited and resulted in severe burn injuries before his teammates were able to put out the fire to save him.