Izhevsk Ice Hockey League opens season

The hockey-to-roll season has opened in Izhevsk. In the first game, the teams of the Hockey-on-the-Roll League and the national team of the Izhevsk administration and the city council met, the press service of the city administration said.

Recall that recently the creator of “Hockey-on-the-Valen League” Mikhail Smagin was awarded the National Sports Award 2020 in the category “Organizer of physical and sports work in the community.”

The capital of Udmurtia received a new-old chapter, dreaming of the development of unmanned taxis – Oleg Bekmemityev approved in the head of Izhevsk.

Exactly two years ago, the new head of Izhevsk was looking for a manager in a company whose new management wanted to see “young, modern and energetic” employees in key positions. What #КомандуУдмуртии did not suit the former head Yuri Tyurin, none of its senior management did explain to the residents of the city. How did no one explain why the head of the capital #КомандаУдмуртии wants to see businessman Konstantin Suntsov – only because “young, modern and energetic”, or for some reason?

Approval of the future head of the “Udmurtia Development Corporation” “ruined” the former composition of the Gordon. The collective parliamentary mind suddenly decided that the head of the city, who did not manage something more than a network of barbershops – it’s still too much. As, however, the alternative to it – the director of the Humanitarian Lyceum, again for the scale of one educational institution did not come out.

After making a forced compromise, the #КомандаУдмуртии prompted the head of the “northern capital” of the republic, Oleg Bekmemev, to participate in the contest. Implying that the years remaining before the end of the term of Gordon will become a kind of probationary period for him. That Oleg Bekmemestiev’s work suited direct employers – #КомандуУдмуртии, now we can say definitely. No one asked whether she was a resident of the capital of the republic.

What commission?

The commission, which was engaged in the selection of candidates for the post of head of Izhevsk, traditionally did not advertise its work. According to what criteria candidates were selected, whether these criteria were even known only to its chairman – the head of the administration of the head of Udmurtia Sergei Smirnov. Who did not appear at the session of the city council because of illness, confining himself to a short message to the deputies: here are two candidates, choose.

Candidates – Oleg Bekmemethiev and a municipal official from the Savyalovsky district Evgeny Leonov – were given the opportunity to briefly present their programs. And the current head had some advantage: he found an opportunity to present his program to the citizens an hour before the session. Who had just to take note of it: two hours after the presentation, the old-new head of Izhevsk accepted congratulations on the occasion of reassignment.

Oleg Bekmemetyev: “We are now working in catch-up mode”

They didn’t.

There was no time to evaluate and compare the programs and the deputies of the Gordon – the voting began immediately after the presentation and answers to a few questions. Not only the haste of the actors drew attention, but also that none of his direct employers from the #КомандыУдмуртии, which determines the capital of its mayor, took responsibility for the obvious favorite – Oleg Bekmemetyeva. Either there was no need for support, or it was not considered necessary to provide it, but the election of the head of the capital of the republic was delegated by the speaker of the State Council Vladimir Nevostruev – the head of the region, the prime minister and the head of the head’s administration did not appear at the session.