Christian Jaros is well-know as a Slovak professional ice hockey defenceman who is now working for American Hockey League. He is treated as an excellent coach for the 2020 IIHF ice hockey world championship as a special player. In thí year, due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus which is an dangerous pandemic, all sporting events have to be postponed to make sure that people will be protected carefully. NFL season also in delay until further notice when the virus is controlled. 

We talked with Jaros to ask him some questions about his current feeling for the 2020 event of NFL and he brought back many memories last year when his nation became the host and his hometown was the main place to hold the competition.

What do you think about current situation around the world now?

We all are in quarantine which is considered as the most boring period in our life. We can do nothing apart from being at home and relax by online sources of entertainment. The government is trying their best to do against this virus and turn everything into normal condition as soon as possible. All of us should accept this in order to protect our health from being heavily suffered. Instead of going out and taking part in outdoor activities, you can spend your free time doing things around your home such as sweeping the floor, taking care of trees,…

How about continuing the present season ?

In the standings, my team has function of being the header of positions so I hope that my team has a chance to participate in playoffs. As I said before, health is the most important thing so the delay of sporting event of NHL is suitable with the current condition now.  We can come back one day when everything will be ok and both players as well as coaches may feel more safe.

How do you remember about your tournament of IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship last year in 2019 ?

It was such a great moment with me because my hometown was the place for the competition. I couldn’t imagine that one day the place I was born became a famous one and people from different nations gather there to watch the performance of players. 

How can you focus on your performance when all of your relatives were in the crowds?

I don’t think so. Working as a professional player, I have to know the way to express my feeling in right time. When participating in a competition, I usually put aside other things and concentrate on the match only. When I know that my family is on the stage, it didn’t distract me much but I consider it as an enormous encouragement to try my best.