Recently, former goalie and practicing consultant of Chelsea announced that he will take part in an official ice hockey tournament. 

Former 37-year-old goalie will take part in the ice hockey match as a netminder for the Guildford team which located nearby where he was living now. When he is off from Chelsea, Petr Cech will set the schedule to join in the ice hockey team.

“I was really happy and delightful to have chance to play for Phoenix. I would love to have new experiences in the ice hockey, which is also my favorite sports.” Cech said

“I hope I can make my great contribution to help this young ice hockey team to achieve further goals throughout the tournament and gain as much victory as possible when I have chance to join in with them.”

“After 20 years of playing professional football, this will be great experience for me to take part in a brand new sports, which is actually what I have been really fond of since I was knee-high to grasshopper.” 

The head coach of Guildford, Milos Melicherik added: “We are really grateful to hear the good news that Petr will take part in Phoenix and we are looking forward to meeting him on this weekend. His skills and performances have been improved so much since the first time I saw him playing on the ice pitch and I am totally excited to have him join with us.”

Cech will take part in the first match on the home pitch on Sunday, in competition with Swindon Wildcats 2.

Petr Cech is definitely the most successful player throughout Chelsea playing history, who has made a lot of unbreakable records.

After saying goodbye to professional football playing career after Europa League final taking place on the May, 2019, Cech came back to Stamford Bridge as a new position after 2 months.