Legend CHELSEA PETR is announced to play as netminder

Last Wednesday, former netminder and current technical adviser Petr Cech announced he would compete in an official hockey tournament.

The 37-year-old will compete as a netminder for the Guildford team with the headquater near Cech’s residence. When he does not have any schedule at Chelsea, he will play with them.

He was overjoy to get the chance to play for Phoenix in order to gain real experience for himself, Cech said.

‘I hope I can help this young team reach their goals for the season and try to win as many games as possible when I have the opportunity to play.
Head coach of Guildford, Milos Melicherik added: “We are delighted that Petr joined Phoenix and we are looking forward to seeing him this weekend. He has improved a lot since the first time I saw him on the ice and I’m excited to see him play.”

Cech will be present in their first home match on Sunday, Swindon Wildcats 2.

He is of course the most successful netminder in Chelsea Football Club history, including keeping record of the most clean sheets.
After retiring from football in the Europa League final in May, he played for Arsenal against Chelsea, Cech returned to Stamford Bridge in a new role in June.

When he was in his 13, Cech had a big decision to make whether pursuing hockey or soccer for his future career. He  did not have enough time to do both. After moving to England, he had been keeping an eye on ice hockey in Guildford and watching the NHL in the US.

Back in 1998, the 16-year-old Cech was captivated by the achievement of his own country, the Czech Republic, with a dramatic victory at that year’s Winter Olympics in Japan.

‘When I was in Nagano, the quarterfinals, semifinals and ice hockey finals all took place in the morning, so I didn’t go to school,’ he laughed. ‘We all tried to find a way to don’t miss it. ‘