According to some latest news, the healthcare center in Northeastern U S states is finding all ways to research the outbreak of Coronavirus among players. Last week, there was an ice hockey tournament which was held in New Hampshire and attracted a lot of people to attend. However, some players showed out the typical signals of COVID 19 after taking part in the competition such as : cough, Sick,… They didn’t know that they were affected by the virus and it was the main reason why other members in their family also had positive tests. 

If you often update information on the official website, you may know that there was a change in place to organize the tournament. The Connecticut competition was moved to Northford Ice Pavilion instead of Champions Skating Center in Cromwell. Both coaches and players faced up to some difficulties but they have tried their best to make a successful performance. 

There were many ice hockey teams from many nations who came here to achieve the highest prize. Two famous clubs known as the Boston Hockey Club and Boston Junior Blues also participated in the Connecticut event. They had to comply with some measures to make sure that no one will be affected by the dangerous virus. The professionals recommended that players should keep at least 6 feet of distance and wear face masks so that virus couldn’t break out easily.  

“ It is not a good idea to let the player from one state cooperating with others. This may lead to a high rate of people that having a positive test for COVID 19. It is treated as a reckless action.” – A reporter wrote in a letter. “ If the spectators want to attend the match directly in the stadium, they have to check the temperature and sign in a paper that they don’t have any symptoms of COVID 19. By doing this way can we control the virus effectively at this time.”

To prepare for a remarkable comeback, Northford also provides some must-have items for coaches, players as well as staffs to protect them form Coronavirus : face masks, handwashing and many other protocols. “ If anyone doesn’t conform to the rules that we drew up, they have to be tolerated seriously. Therefore, I hope that people will be aware of their own health to fight against this global pandemic.”