As you know, the outbreak of Coronavirus has made a great impact on every aspects of our life. In particular, all sporting events are being delayed until further notices such as NBA, NFL,NHL,… Up to now all the staffs as well as players are isolated and in quarantine to avoid being suffered from Coronavirus. 

They feel that due to this pandemic, they don’t have many opportunities to train and that’s why they are worried about their upcoming competition. Some professionals recommend that they should take part in some small groups to prepare for their next performance. Shared their thinking in an interview, some players admitted that they wanted to come back to their familiar place- the ice. 

Following to the advices of government that social- distancing should be applied, the committee of NHL Gary Bettman informed that the 2019-20 season will be postponed until the pandemic is under control. He suggest that in quarantine, players are allowed to come back home and relax or wait for the official time that event will be held. Bettman said that he had an idea to delay the competition until this summer to accomplish the season and award the Stanley Cup for the winner. Therefore, they don’t need to hold it in next year.

As usual, a season are often held without any decision about whether it should be eliminated or not. Players can get out of playoffs or they would pick play from Stanley Cup. The representatives of NHL are considering about how the competition would become if there is no spectator at all? This is the first time they have imagined such a unique condition since the appearance of Coronavirus. Furthermore, players will be divided in small groups to play in different cities so that they will easily apply 2-meter distancing. This is also a good way to avoid mass gatherings between players and coaches. 

This was the text to all players: “ Although there were such a lot of reports as well as rumours about the time to hold this event, the NHL has not yet made any decisions or create a timeline for the forthcoming event . Given some growths in NHL clubs, we are now looking forward to Phase 2 of the period that would take off the creature of phase 1 by both players and ice hockey staffs.