As you may know, the rapid outbreak of COVID 19 has led to a crisis economy around the world, which has prevented all activities from being held this time. This is also the main reason why all sporting events had to be postponed until the Coronavirus is under control. However, after the quarantine, some representatives of sporting clubs are considering carefully to choose out some suitable plans for the next time. They decided that some small-group workouts would be reopened so that players can practice every day instead of relaxing at home for a long time

Last week after the fitness centers were opened, the NHL faced up to a great problem. There were about 23 players who had positive tests for COVID 19 and all of them had to be isolated from the community in order to protect other participants. They admitted that joining the fitness centers might be the only reason which led to this awful result. All players who took part in this activity had to do the test whether they were seriously impacted by Coronavirus or not.  For anyone who was safe from the dangerous pandemic, they also had to be at home for at least two weeks in case the virus may come back. The league decided not to reveal the names of people who had positive tests. 

The headers of NHL had to discuss with some coaches as well as the players about the format of training camps. Should it be held like many years before or carried out in another way? Finally, they informed all fans that it will be taken place in each team’s home city with a limited number of players. Only by doing this can we fight against Coronavirus and protect people from this serious disease. They have to comply with some general rules that the competition created such as social distancing, isolating from the community,…  

Before going into the stadium, all players, coaches as well as staffs have to test for COVID 19 by the test kits. The result will be available after 48 hours which is very quick and convenient. The player who has typical symptoms of coronavirus must inform the leader of the team to be taken after by famous doctors. 

We all need to follow the measures that government has taken so that the pandemic will be extinct as soon as possible. Therefore, sporting events can be held on time and the spectators can have a chance to attend directly in the stadium.