The American journalist request Russian hockey team should not be allowed to play

The American journalist request Russian hockey team should not be allowed to play ESPN commentator Scott Burnside called for the elimination of the Russian national hockey team, who soon left the awards ceremony at the 2015 World

Ice hockey- a type of sport for the skillful

If football was dubbed the “King” sport of the Summer Olympics, then Ice Hockey would occupy a similar position during the Winter Olympics. Long-standing origin There are many theories about the birth of hockey, but so far

Legend CHELSEA PETR is announced to play as netminder

Last Wednesday, former netminder and current technical adviser Petr Cech announced he would compete in an official hockey tournament. The 37-year-old will compete as a netminder for the Guildford team with the headquater near Cech’s residence. When

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is popular and exciting sport. However, many people, including seasoned fans of the game, do not know everything about the game. As a result, some people might have burning questions, while others ask questions concerning

Basic Ice Hockey Rules

Ice hockey is one of the fastest games in the world. It incorporates agility, speed, and skill, and has upheld its reputation as one of the most exciting games. Following and enjoying the game is quite easy

Guide to Becoming an Ice Hockey Player

People play ice hockey for different reasons. It can be a recreational activity, a form of exercise, or even as a career to some people. Irrespective of the reason for playing, getting the most from the sport

History of Ice Hockey

The origins of ice hockey have attracted heated debates in recent years. For a long time, ice hockey was believed to have originated from Indian lacrosse and field hockey and spread across Canada by British soldiers. In

Greatest Ice Hockey Players of All Time

Ice hockey was initially only popular in Canada and the United States. However, the popularity of the game grew to the point that it now attracts a global audience. Different from many other games, ice hockey players

Ice Hockey Equipment And Gear

You need to invest in the right equipment and gear to participate in ice hockey. Getting the right equipment and gear is essential as it may influence your performance in the game in many ways. Failure to

Interesting Ice Hockey Facts

Ice hockey is a trendy sport especially in Canada and the United States. This sport has millions of fans from all over the world. However, a majority of ice hockey fans do not know all there is