As you probably know, anti-doping regulations are one of the most things that players must pay attention to. If anyone violates the rule, they may come up with bad results. The latest report stated that a Russian Ice Hockey player whose name is Ilya Altybarmakyan was punished for his mistakes while competing on the field. The International Ice Hockey Federation ( IIFH) felt very disappointed about the behavior of this player and they decided to suspend him on Wednesday.


According to the member of his national team, in a match of SKA ST. Petersburg, the Russian player used doping which made him become stronger to compete easily. The hidden incident then came out and he was seriously expelled from the current competition. The result made people at the stage felt shocked and he may be banned from playing for at least four years.


Other examiners of the IIHF added that: “ He deceived all people and we can not realize the truth until the final test for doping in February came out. Taifun Primorski Krai- his opponent who compete with him in one game didn’t believe that story.” The result expressed a prohibiting element that wasn’t allowed to use while playing. As the rules have been made, players who are tested to have these substances will be suspended seriously. 


Altybarmakyan was informed about his violations to the rules of 2020 WADA ( World Anti-Doping Agency) and he didn’t have the intention to do against the result. In a recent interview, the representatives of the competition announced that the 19-year-old ice hockey player will come back to the field after 4 years ( 24 March 2024). There is one more case that has the same punishment as him: Maria Tyugankina with eight months no playing ice hockey.

“ In a match between Agidel Ufa and Tornado Moscow Region, Tyugankina was found to use the doping which was tested in January. Her sample had a prohibited substance that was not allowed to use at that time. She then admitted his fault and accepted to be at home for at least eight months. 


Two typical cases above are the threat to anyone who tends to violate the anti-doping regulations in a competition. You should be aware of that or else there is no chance for you to participate in ice hockey tournaments.