If you often update sporting news over the years, you may hear about this viral name- Jack Dryburgh . He had many times appearing in different tournaments around the world and achieved a lot of valuable prizes in the career. The international fans call him “ The Wee McGregor” because they are impressed by his speed to win a match as well as how he has helped other players to upgrade the skills after he retired. 

Jack is treated as one of the most successful sportsmen who have the ability to be master in various sports. He could play tennis and also good at football when he was in high school. Many clubs in his village wanted to recruit him such as Rangers and Sunderland but he declined all of those to concentrate on ice hockey.

The first time he took part in a tournament was in 1956-57 when he was an official member of Murrayfield Royals. Little by little, he gained a lot of experience and contributed his talent for the national team at World champion. The spectators were very impressed by the way he took advantage of the opponent in some cases and the final result made two teams satisfying. ( 5-5 with Norway ). 

Brighton Tigers is considered to be the most impressive ice hockey team at that time with many prizes and goals : there were 205 goals in a total of 131 games. Jack played an important role in the success of all teams and many people called him as their big motivation to make the dream come true. 

When he stopped working as a professional player, he moved into another position as a supporter of the young generation with a hope that they will develop strongly in the future. After many times contributing to the national team, he was chosen to become the chairman of the British Ice Hockey Association. He has held various ice hockey tournaments which were a field for anyone that have a great interest in this sport.