1. Steven Stamkos

He is well known as a Canadian professional ice hockey player who are now a member of Tampa Bay Lightning. He is treated as one of the most popular player that scores many goals throughout his career. In the 2019-20 season, he ranked at 29 in world list when scored about 233 goals in 410 games. Thanks to his talent and his hard training, he has been awarded many valuable prizes and become the most impressive one. However, due to the current injury, he has to temporarily retire which may slow him down the next time.

  1. Nathan Mackinnon

Playing for Colorado Avalanche, Nathan is also being known as one of the most influential player in NHL ( National Hockey League). In the past, he has made a remarkable season for the Colorado AValanche in 2013-14. Many professionals judged that he is an excellent player and he has many chances to set a world record. He is a skillful person with the quick hand can speedy legs. That‘s all that help him to achieve many admiration from his fan around the world.

  1. John Tavares

He is now a captain of New York Islanders and also treated as a professional player of NHL. There are two main team that he is playing for, such as Toronto Maple Leafs and Canadian national men’s hockey team. Not only skillful he is but he also has offensive skills which make him stand out among numerous players. He has established his reputation as the youngest player to work as a centerman in the game.

  1. Sidney Crosby

He also comes from Canada and is now working for Pittsburgh Penguins of the National hockey League. When he was young and in his most healthy days, he is treated as the best ice hockey player of NHL. According to his colleagues and coaches, he is a powerful player who always feels energetic to take part in any match. Throughout his career, he has made many remarkable performances and has a lot of valuable experience. 

  1. Taylor Hall

He is known as one of the most talented player in NHL. Last season, he was in top 7 for scoring a goal and had chance to participate in Professional Hockey Writers Association. However according to some news, he was not honored because someone has got it. He is famous for his extraordinary talent in passing and speed. Taylor can quickly come back the defensive place when entering the offensive zone.