Spectators around the world nowadays feel uncertain about the meaning of 2019-20 NHL season this year. Covid 19 has made such a hard barrier that all sporting events have to be postponed until further notices. NHL has made a lot of interesting plans for the ongoing comeback of some competition, but they had to delay until March 12. Fans are curious about Which the NHL Draft will be this year: about its official date, potential teams,….

The representatives of NHL Draft are discussing carefully to find out an suitable solution for this problem. The timing to start this competition is still unknown but according to some information from Journals, it will happen after the beginning of Stanley Cup Playoffs. Fans will become very excited due to the new format as well as new destination this year – said by Gary Bettman – the header of NHL. Some days ago, we were all informed about the unique version of this tournament. “ It was so amazing”, “ So interesting it was” – some comments of fans on their accounts.

“ As you probably know, some clubs nowadays gain a lot of money thanks to the engagement with the customers during the breaks between matches. This was also the main reason why the header of NHL wanted to create a new version of NHL Draft in 2020”- shared by NHL commissioner Bill Daly through a phone call some days ago. Some people felt very difficult to talk with their fans so that this draft lottery was treated as the most popular ways to make a harmony environment.”

There are a lot of famous players who will be expected to gain the winnings in the upcoming season. Alexis Lafreniere is also a potential participant of Detroit Red Wings that will stand  good chance of gaining the highest prize. In addition to this, two other ice hockey teams named as Hockey Canada and Oceanic are in the same position. Therefore, they are trying their best to compete with each other in order to becoming the champion this year. Can you guess which one will have the best performance ? Let’s give a comment below so that we can know your thinking. 

The NHL Draft Lottery will divide the competition into two phases. The beginning of Phase 2 will base on the success of phase 1. There are many TV Channels which will broadcast this important tournament so that fans from different nations can follow and update the latest information. The phase 2 will start before Stanley Cup Playoffs some days. After that, the header of the competition along with coaches will find out some best ice hockey teams to go on the next part.