In United States right now, the department of health witnessed a deep increase in the new Coronavirus cases of nearly 4,000. Due to the rapid outbreak of the dangerous pandemic, all activities that relate to sports have been suffered seriously in Florida as well as general public. The NHL has made a new plan to help players come back to the ice after three month without any competition. “ In a recent discussion between NHL and NHLPA as well as ice hockey players, they found the way to settle down the framework for this 2019-20 season. If this league is taken place as scheduled, they have to comply with measures that government are using to protect all people from Covid 19. This is such an infectious pandemic that everyone should know how to prevent it from breaking out rapidly in our surroundings. 

Do you feel curious about the comeback of NHL in Phase 2 ? Let’s take a quick look at some Q&A below !

  1. When can NHL players return to the ice hockey field ?

The leader of this season and thousand of staffs are trying their best to prepare for the remarkable comeback of 2019-20 NHL season. Phase 2 will start in the beginning of June 8 which attracts many people to attend in the stadium. However, not everyone will be allowed to take part in this season due to the rapid outbreak of Covid 19.

  1. What kinds of activity will be used in the match ?

This might be an important news to all players because if they don’t comply to the rule, their performance will not be accepted. Players can use non-contact skating skills with the assistance of coaches as well as staffs. After two weeks in training camp, players will have more chance to practise for the competition. They can be divided into small groups so that they have more opportunities to use the exercise as well as weight rooms. 

  1. Will NHL players be tested for Coronavirus ?

According to the news that representatives of this season has informed, all staffs as well as players will be tested for Covid 19 before coming into the stadium. Players who have negative tests with this disease will be allowed to take part in the competition, or else, they have to be isolated for at least two week and there are a number of people who will take after carefully.  This type of testing may not available for all team so that almost all of players have to undergo a quarantine for at least 14 days.