Among many popular sports with people nowadays, Ice Hockey is treated as an appealing one that there are a variety of international tournaments relating to this sport. It is contact team sport played on rink. Two teams will use their sticks to shoot the puck into the opponent’s nets.  Players who take part in Ice hockey should have flexibility, agility as well as good skills. However, this youthful sport is playing an important role with mrs Valentina Fyodorova – a person at the age of 80. When she looked at a team who are playing ice-skating in her village, she felt very interested and decided to take up this new sport.

Have worked as a headmaster in a high school. Valentina has never wished that she would become the leader of an female ice hockey team in Bereznik village in the northwest of Russia. Almost all of members are at the age of 50 to 60 and Valentina is the oldest person. To become more master and make themselves have more endurability, they practise playing ice hockey for about three times a week in fitness room or sometimes in ice rink. The more she gets used to it, the more confident and stronger  she feels that there is no fear when playing it.

“ In the beginning of participating in Ice hockey, we can release everything that make us unhappy in our life. We can easily overcome our fear and even don’t remember we are the elderly.” – Valentina Fyodorova shared her feeling. Although they are not as quick as the young, Valentina absolutely like the way all members show their team spirit. She especially proud of the number 80 in her red shirt – uniform of ice hockey team. All members in her team also have their own shirt marking their age behind their back. It shows up the respect for her age “After taking up Ice hockey, I feel that i have more energy and don’t think that i am at the age of 80 “