If you are a big fan of ice hockey – an interesting sport that attracts a lot of players nowadays, you may know about one person whose name is Tony Smith. He is the header of Sheffield Steelers and becomes one of the most influenced people around the world, especially in the United Kingdom. He is considering the advantage of ice hockey in increasing the revenue of the country’s economy. One of his main purposes is persuading the government about the importance of this sport in the UK- which is the greatest indoor activity in the world. 

Some officials didn’t pay attention to the ice hockey’s place and they don’t even understand the way that ice hockey league is doing. However, Smith has a big desire that he can make this sport become viral to all people and by lobbying them, he hopes to see a remarkable change in the upcoming time. “ Working as the operators, we will try our best to make the league better in January or February.” – He added “ We are now working as a league which includes a lot of clubs. If there are any changes in the future, they can leave out whenever they want. It is the biggest matter that we face up to.”


“ According to the government, both January and February would be suitable to temporarily postpone all the events that relates to the ice hockey. We all hope that the season will happen as scheduled and all players will have chance to make their own performance. Some professionals suggest that Royal Albert Hall should be opened soon to decrease the number of people attending this christmas.


Although only 3000 spectators will be allowed to enter the stadium, Smiths thinks this will be a good news for the league. What will the government do to take the advantages from ice hockey tournaments ? To attract many people, both NHL as well as government provide some appealing offers and update some skills in playing this kind of sport. 


Smith continues poiting out the strong development of ice hockey in other nations : “ In Sweden, people just take it up as a new hobby and there are also many competitions for beginners to try. While ice hockey in Itali becomes viral and is now played by low crowds.” The UK should remind its citizens about the importance of this sport and hope that in the near future, Ice hockey will have a big chance and become one of the most popular sports around the wolrd.