Without the World Cup . How to survive this May?

Fans will have to wait for the main matches of the season for another year.

Why did the IIHF delay the cancellation?

Something happened that we all didn’t want, but expected. Today, the IIHF made an official announcement about the cancellation of the world Cup in Switzerland, which was supposed to be held from may 8 to 24. Of course, this event is very sad in itself, but the KHL leadership can take one advantage from it. However, more on this later.

In General, the fact that the international ice hockey Federation held out longer than the KHL and many other federations in various sports is surprising. UEFA, recall, moved the European football championship to September. The famous Grand slam tennis tournament “Roland Garros” is planned to be held in September instead of the usual end of may – beginning of June. The holding of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo is in question. So why was Fasel silent for so long?

Apparently, the IIHF was still looking for an opportunity to hold the tournament. 300 thousand tickets were sold for it, and this is serious money that the Federation can live on for a whole year. Of course, no company wants to lose one of the foundations of its budget. However, the choice between money and people’s health should be obvious. No amount of millions and billions in Bank accounts is worth risking the lives of fans, athletes, coaches, and team employees and the IIHF itself.

The delay in canceling the world Cup could also be caused by the fact that Rene Fasel, in his last year in charge of the Federation, did not want to cancel the tournament, which could affect his reputation. However, in this situation, this solution looks obvious and the only correct one. Can you imagine what would have happened if the IIHF had not canceled the world Cup and one of the fans and athletes had fallen ill? I am afraid to imagine the wave of criticism that would have descended on the organization at this moment. In this case, the reputational losses would be much more serious.

World Cup with NHL stars? Fantastic!

The most optimistic fans probably assumed that the world Cup due to the pause in the NHL could be played in the presence of most of the hockey stars who came from overseas. In fact, it could have been a beautiful story: Draisaitl, Crosby, McDavid, Ovechkin and others would have made this the best world Cup ever played. And what a boost the Swiss team would have received in the person of Weber, Yossi, Niederreiter, Hishir, Fiala and other guys! It is possible that with such a composition, the wards of Patrick Fischer could get into the medals. And this would bring the organizers of the world Cup a lot of money from the local public.

But these are just dreams. The NHL is still serious about resuming the season after an eight-week hiatus. And the probability that clubs will release their players to Europe – the epicenter of the coronavirus-is very small. No one needs to do the world championship without NHL stars – it will be a spectacle similar to what we saw at the Pyeongchang Olympics.