According to some reports from the national channels, the president Phil Murphy has received a lot of pressure that relate to the global pandemic’s regulations : All of these involved in the youth ice hockey competition. Ice hockey players as well as their parents suggest that he should cut off some unimportant orders on sports and allow them to make the performance again in case they are failed.

In a recent interview, Murphy has revealed some measures to solve the problem. He decided that some sports in New Jersey will be allowed to open but players need to comply with some strict regulations to protect themselves from being affected by COVID 19. However, some risk sports such as ice hockey only for outdoor practice. If players do it at home, they may come up with some dangers. 

It is treated as one of the main issues of ice hockey that players have to deal with, which is played at indoor rinks. According to Murphy’s sharing, there are more and more parents who forced him to allow players to play indoor. He felt very stressed about this matter and need to consider carefully. They even compare with some other states like Connecticut or Pennsylvania that players can choose the favorite sport they like and all they need to do is moving to another state to take part in.

Murphy said that he is not sure about the time when there would be a change. “ I hope that the current situation will be better in the near future. But as you can see, many people tend to play indoor rather than outdoor, which can help the virus develop easily. It becomes more dangerous for players whenever they go into a match and there will not have enough protocols to protect the health.”

According to the official news, the number of people who have positive tests for COVID 19 in New Jersey has increased rapidly these days. The government has stated that more than 800 new cases that need to be in quarantine for at least two weeks. As you can see, health is the most important matter right now so that youth ice hockey may be postponed to make sure that no player is affected.